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Tinder, Bumble, Facebook Dating, Grindr, TikTok, pandemic lockdown, online classes and work, inclusive cartoons, free and unfiltered pornography within a click, we are living in a very fast-paced time where our main purpose is to be connected in the social networks and the #1 life tool is the cell phone, 89% of the Mexican population has a mobile device.

Many are experiencing a human disconnection due to so much confinement due to the pandemic, a lot of physical coexistence but you carry a feeling of enormous loneliness; relationships broken by continuous coexistence creating a lot of anger and resentment; dating apps that give you the opportunity to be unfaithful a click away, they themselves make people become more impatient, more fussy and less intimate when it comes to dating because the mind plays dirty and you continually think "surely there are better matches"; pornography has become the #1 resource to vent sorrows; adolescents and minors with access to the web without limitations; etc.

These rapid changes that we are experiencing are scary and fill us with questions, and obviously when we have a doubt we go to our Google doubt expert, but there are so many answers that we know what to believe or who to believe. We ended up worse...

Another important aspect to consider is that today there are 4 generations that are interacting with each other, there is an important variation of values, beliefs and attitudes regarding sexuality and life itself. It becomes too difficult to be able to make a decision with so many opinions, it is very difficult to listen to what we really need with so many voices speaking to us.

We all need love, security, honesty, clarity, understanding and above all, not to feel alone. The mission of Love Center is that you know that you are not alone, that you find the light on the path that will guide you to a fuller and happier life. 

Lic. Ingrid Quiroga

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