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Ingrid Quiroga Certified Sex Coach


Certified Sex Coach ™, Sex Coach U 2020

Certified Member by the World Association of Sex Coaches, WASC 2020

Training in Reassessment and Restructuring of Sexual Attitudes, SAR 2019

Personal Exploration Advanced Sexual Experience Training, ASPEX 2019

Certificate in Economics and Finance, University of British Columbia 2007

Bachelor's Degree in Economics, ITESM de Monterrey 2007


Ingrid Quiroga is a trained professional who helps people with sexual, intimacy and relationship problems to achieve their goals, solve their concerns, and develop their sexual skills. Her mission is to guide her clients towards a transformative experience that helps them connect with their inner power, to discover what it is they need to feel that they are living their life to the fullest and to unlock their sexual potential.


An expert in helping her clients discover who they are as sexual beings, identifying their values, needs, attributes, dreams, desires, fantasies and eroticism. As well as to understand what motivates and inspires them, so that they renew their sexual energy and their passion to live their sexuality to the fullest.

Has the natural ability to create a safe space by establishing trust and intimacy, using empathy, humor, and love. Part of her methodology is to use active listening and develop questions that invite the client to reflect, to honor their authenticity and to base an empowerment that can change their perspective, exhort them to think and call to action.


Her professional philosophy is that sex goes beyond performance goals such as role, frequency, duration, and repertoire, and it also goes beyond expectations of what is considered “normal” regarding sexual interests and relationships. She is a faithful believer that it is essential to take into account aspects such as desire, pleasure, fantasies, connection, intimacy and spirituality, in order to achieve a state of physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual well-being related to the sexuality.


The methodology that she integrates into her sexual coaching sessions includes the principles and practices of sexology such as counseling and education and those of coaching such as problem solving and goal achievement.


Her sexual coaching practice is a 100% personalized, proactive and dynamic process that is based on the needs of her clients and on directing them towards the future, achieving their goals and fulfilling their dreams. The technique used to evaluate the concerns of her clients is the MEBES © model where the level of blockage and disconnection in the mental, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual spheres are assessed, the technique used to develop the action plan to her clients to achieve their objectives, resolve their concerns or develop their skills is the PLISSIT model. Cognitive-behavioral techniques such as cognitive restructuring (CR) is used to discover, confront and modify those distorted thought patterns and beliefs that negatively affect the lives of its clients.


Dare to live the sexual life that you long for and deserve.

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