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How do you know who to turn to for a sexual problem or concern?

Sexuality is a subject of great importance and is the most sacred, sensitive and fragile part of the human being. People need to be very careful in identifying who to ask for advice and help on issues related to sexuality. There are many untrained and untrained professionals, sex coaches or sexologists who work in this field.

How is a sex coach or sexologist who studies at Sex Coach U different from others?

Sexuality is an integral part of being human and interacts with every other facet of people's lives, which is why Sex Coach U uses holistic models. These types of models help people to heal in an integrated way. Its main objective is for people to overcome this obstacle, which prevents them from feeling safe and complete, and thus achieve fully living their sexuality.

What are the characteristics of the holistic model?

  • Heal the person as a whole (mind, emotions, body, energy and spirit).

  • Person-centered (focused on the client's needs, wants, and obstacles).

  • Positive sex (sex education).

  • Goal-oriented (moving forward by removing blockages to achieve the client's dreams and goals).

  • Dynamics (active sessions, exercises, tasks, activities).

  • Collaborative (cooperative work of the sex coach and the client).

  • Empowering (gives you the tools to feel strong, in control, capable, confident).

What is the difference between sex therapy and sex coaching?

Sex therapy involves psychological work aimed at diagnosing and treating a pathology . Sex coaching enriches the person by eliminating the obstacles necessary to achieve a full sexual life.

Is there any physical contact between the client and the sex coach?


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