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Sex Coaching for Couples

Throughout your relationship, you could have a problem regarding the connection you have as a couple where you feel less and less sexual intimacy and more companionship, or the sexual desire between you decreases to the point of putting sexual relations at the end from the "to do" list. They could also reach a point of satisfaction where they want to know more and are interested in improving their sexual pleasure, developing their eroticism and / or experiencing new things.


You have the right to fully enjoy your sex life and I can help you feel better and become the best version of you as a couple.


Here are some of the topics you could choose for your sex coaching session.

Solving relationship problems

  • Infidelity

  • Little or no sex

  • Uneven desire

  • Lack of passion

  • Lack of satisfaction and intimacy

  • Rejection of caresses and any type of contact

  • Constant disagreements due to lack of communication or having different communication styles

  • Constant disagreements for having different ideas, attitudes and values

Enhancing their sexual pleasure and guiding them to experience new things

  • Everything about individual sex coaching

  • Swinging / Group sex

  • Threesomes

  • Polyamory

Experimenting with new things

  • bdsm

  • swinging/group sex

  • threesomes

  • polyamory

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